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A Livable World, A Sustainable Life

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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Our School is a state subsidy school set in Castelló in the region of Valencia. It belongs to the Quality Schools Network (Level III) and Multilingual Schools Network in the Valencian Community. We have the school Levels of: Pre-primary, Primary and Compulsory Secondary Education. Most of our students come from our town and surrounding villages, but in recent years we have also welcomed new students from different countries. Our school ensures the right to education with equal opportunities for all the students. Our school has implemented a Multilingual Programme in Pre-Primary and Primary levels, as we consider that starting to learn foreign languages in these stages is essential for the development of the communicative competence of our students. In addition, since 2006 we have participated in the implementation of the European Languages Portfolio. We also have a wide experience in European Programmes such as Comenius Multilateral Partnerships and Erasmus KA-1+ and KA-2+.

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Our school is a primary school located in Antalya city center, Kepez district center.Kepez is the most populous district in Antalya.Our school is located in a very central location in Kepez district. Our school is among the most demanded schools in the region where it is located, with its administrative-teacher staff and the quality of its education. This situation has caused our student profile to be very cosmopolitan.Our school has 20 classrooms and 3 kindergartens. Our school has 64 staff including 54 teachers, 4 administrators, 1 civil servant and 5 assistant servants. In our dual education school, 1758 students, gathering in 46 branches,continue their education in the 2021-2022 academic year. Students study 6 hours a day and 30 hours a week.Our curriculum consists of Turkish, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Life Science, Human Rights and Citizenship, Traffic education, Physical education, Music Visual arts, English and Religious Culture and Morals.

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Vilnius Viršuliškių school

Vilniaus Viršuliškių mokykla is located in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. There are 60 teachers and 18 technical staff workers. The total number of students is 650 .It is important to mention that half of the students learn in the primary level (from 1 to 4 forms) and the other half is in the basic level (from 5 to 8 forms). All the subjects are taught in Lithuanian which is the state language. Moreover, students start learning English as their first foreign language from the second form. In the sixth form students must choose between German and Russian as their second foreign language. Vilniaus Viršuliškių mokykla provides a wide range of after- school activities such as sports, art, dance, drama, healthy living, leadership, promoting tolerance classes

1st LTT of our Erasmus+ project KA210 SCH A livable world A sustainable life


20-26 November 2022


2nd LTT of our Erasmus+ project KA210 SCH A livable world A sustainable life


21-27 May 2023


3th LTT of our Erasmus+ project KA210 SCH A livable world A sustainable life


24-30 September 202


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